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Watch this video of Crux to get a glimpse of its terrific capabilities

Watch this 60-seconds demo video of Crux LX, a super simple on-premise Unified Communications platform.
Even in its alpha stage, see how easy it is to setup Crux, right out of the box. Because it is pre-configured for most common uses, Crux is the fastest to deploy and most cost-efficient telecom product. As it requires no additional infrastructure, you can say good-bye to inflexible telephony products that require pre-planning, cabling and instruments that are unnecessary and repetitive costs that businesses incur every time they shift offices. How inefficient!

In three simple steps, Crux LX gets up and running.

  1. Power ON Crux LX unit
  2. Install an App on a Laptop or a Smartphone
  3. Start making calls!

It is that simple.

Click to read more about Crux LX Features

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