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Best in class. Remote-ready. Business Phone and Call Centre solution.

No more missed calls, so no more missed business! With Crux, your office phone system gives wings to your staff – productivity zooms! What’s more? Your monthly phone bill reduces by up to 80%.


Get started in 5-minutes

Power up Crux. Download the Dialer App. Make & Receive Calls.


Crux comes preconfigured for most common uses, so just connect it to a power point, network and phone lines.


Download a free softphone app on your smartphone or tab – whether iOS or Android, or Windows or Mac – and key in your credentials.


That’s it! You are ready to make and receive calls using your office phone line from anywhere using your device.


Enterprise-grade all-in-one UC platform built for SME Offices and Call Centres

Crux is a plug ‘n play telephony solution with built-in IP security, internal storage for call recordings and voicemail, and connects seamlessly with popular CRM platforms


Call Centre Phone System

Build a customer support or sales call centre from scratch, connect your telephone line, GSM or ISDN or SIP trunks, add agents and you are done!


+ Live Dashboard
+ Performance Reports
+ Call Recording and Tracking
+ No Recurring Costs
+ Enterprise-grade Security

-------- CRUX LX

Phone System for Office

Build an extension-based intercom that is shared between HQ and branch offices, so that your staff can connect with customers even when outside office!


+ Add up to 250 staff members
+ Multi-level IVR
+ Call Recording and Voicemail
+ Create Groups and Teams
+ Enterprise-grade Security

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15,000+ users world-wide trust Crux for phone calls


Every quest begins with a question

My business is all set! Why do I need Crux?

After rent and salaries, communication costs are one of the expensive items since most SMEs pay high phone bills for analog or ISDN phone lines. Right communication product can help unlock your full business potential.

  • Consolidate and cut your monthly phone bill by up to 80%
  • Enable up to 250 staff members to WFH and still be able to use office landline improving productivity
  • Provide office phone for free to all employees without worrying about their location or costs
  • Grow your business and give it a professional makeover without incremental costs

Sounds interesting

Okay, I get the gist of it. Tell me more?

It is all about customers. Just pick up the phone and talk! In a recent industry survey, 94% of customers voted Phone Calls for highest impact on Customer Experience (CX). With Auto Attendant, Calendar, Voicemail and Call Recording capabilities, Crux works for your business even when you are sleeping.

  • Deliver an enterprise-quality experience to your calling customers
  • Build omnichannel support by linking customer calls with your CRM
  • Improve quality of customer support with easy call recording and monitoring facility
  • Never miss customer calls and business opportunities with a 24×7 IVR

Lets talk about skills

I like the value. But how complex is it to use?

Crux is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product. Once deployed, it requires no prior telecom knowledge to use and manage. Just set up Crux, connect your phone line, install an app and dial to talk. What’s more? Crux can also be managed remotely!

  • Get a Landline or GSM SIM card – use your existing analog landline or get a new digital landline
  • Connect Crux – to power, phone line and network – that’s it!
  • Use an App to Call – download a free App on your mobile or laptop and start making and receiving office calls
  • Still worried about complexity? Subscribe to our modestly priced support plans and outsource the worries to us

And the big question

Value is great! But is it value for money?

Crux starts at just S$1,499 one-time and an initial setup fee. The payback period spans from few months to a year depending on usage due to cost savings and increased revenue that our customers attribute to Crux. Unlike Cloud and SaaS based providers, Crux does not incur monthly per user costs. Crux helps,

  • Link up your HQ and branch offices across countries with one-time per employee cost as low as S$6.00
  • Lower telecom rental by moving from analog to digital landlines
  • Eliminate your staff mobile reimbursements for voice calls and international roaming
  • Lower international tariff (lower than IDD) by subscribing to cost-efficient international telecom operators

Increased Revenue

Real-time dashboards, barge-ins, priority routing and multi-level IVRs make sure that your customer reaches the right person in the right team. That means happier customers and a boost in revenue.

Budget Friendly

Crux is built for SMEs that means lower one-time costs and no recurring bills. Though this doesn’t mean we cut down on features, you get every enterprise grade call centre and intercom feature there is.

Plug ‘n Play

Crux comes pre-configured and is a Do-It-Yourself product that allows you to set up phone numbers, add agents to build your own multilevel IVR directly from the administrator dashboard.

Improved Productivity

In-depth and customizable agent-specific call reports and performance analytics to help you make rational decisions about agent performance, resource planning, and customer satisfaction.