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On-premise and Secure Office Phone System and Call Centre-in-a-Box

Never miss a customer call with Crux! Automated IVR and Call Recording makes sure that all customers queries are answered on-time all the time leading to happier customers and better business.


Enterprise-grade Telephony for Call Centres

Crux, allows you to automate tasks and speed up response times. So that you can have happier customers and efficient agents.

Never miss a client call, ever!

Plug ‘n Play IVR allows your customers to choose who they want to talk to. Combined with smart call distribution which connects the call to the first available agent, makes sure that you never miss a client call.

Track and optimize performance

In depth agent wise reporting allows you to measure agent performance over time. Also, allowing you to distribute resources based on call volumes or as required by your business.

Collaborate to solve customer queries faster

Assist your agents while on an ongoing call using call barge-in (or listen-in) feature or pass the call to an expert using call forwarding. Priority queues for your premier customers!


Built to scale for Office Communication

Grow your phone system as you grow from 0 to 250 employees, with no addition to your costs. You only pay for the call you make and nothing else!

Truly international and cost efficient

Multiple offices, across continents or within a city. Connect Crux to multiple SIP trunks and phone numbers (DIDs) from multiple countries, add your sales and support staff with extensions and you are good to go. All calls between your offices are free of cost! Crux lets you consolidate and optimize on staff head count as customer calls can be recorded and routed to your staff anywhere!

Unlimited calling with as many users

Hiring more employees or adding another office? Crux grows with you without adding cost. Add up to 250 users globally and as many extensions per device.

Pay only for what you use

Crux is an on-premise solution with all the features included in the same box. Once activated you only pay for your outbound calls, everything else is included with Crux.

Move to an enterprise-grade

on-premise Call Centre and Office Phone System now!